Siberian Tree

On September 26, the SiberianTree team planted 8000 cedars

On September 26, the SiberianTree team planted 8000 cedars in Altai (Russia) in the valley of the mountain river Baschelak.

Within a month, we carefully was selected the landing site, because for all its strength and value, cedar is a very fragile and sensitive tree when it is very young. You cannot just plant it wherever you like.

Therefore, the place was selected taking into account the provision of natural wind protection for young seedlings due to the preserved mature mixed forest around the planned plantings.

Land for planting is owned. The owner personally bears all the costs of protecting the seedlings from all risks. This land plot has the status of agricultural land, thanks to which it is protected from the threat of logging.

Exact landing coordinates:
1) 51.443021, 84.082092;
2) 51.443162, 84.084839
3) 51.440808, 84.087639
4) 51.440875, 84.083862

The purpose of this planting is to restore the most valuable cedar forest, which was thoughtlessly cut down here about 70 years ago. These first 8000 cedar seedlings became the starting point in the difficult task of reviving valuable forests in Altai.