Siberian Tree

The SiberianTree team planted 2,500 cedars on the Sredny Uksunai river in the Altai territory

On September 25, 2020, we planted 2,500 cedars on the Sredny Uksunai river in the Altai territory (Russia) on the territory of the Salair national Park. It was raining during the planting day, this is the best weather for survival of new trees!
In total, about 60 people took part in the landing.
(New trees were planted in a vacant lot with the terrain destroyed)
After gold mining, which had been there till 2014, the land in this place was destroyed and made poor and we planted trees in this empty space. It was necessary to restore the land that had been disturbed in the process of gold mining.
Without the intervention of environmental organisations reforestation could have been delayed for many decades.
And the cedars would have taken a dominant position only in hundreds of years, so we decided to help nature.
The planting material was purchased with public funds, which had been donated to the Siberiantree project by citizens and organizations. Three – year-old cedar seedlings with an open root system will be the beginning of the restoration of cedar-the main valuable coniferous species for the Taiga.
Every time we do such reforestation projects, we get inspiration, because we are really changing the world. Some people had spoiled these places, and we took them and restored them. It seems to us that this is the highest mission and man's own destiny - to create, not to destroy.
Mutilated terrain by human hands are obtained very quickly, and forest restoration will take at least 100 years. We are doing a great job for future generations, because we help forests to appear here faster.
In Siberia, we plan to make landings twice a year using borrowed funds - in spring and autumn.
Until the planted forest crops get stronger, representatives of the forestry will look after them. Weeding is supposed to prevent the grass from drowning out the plantings in the coming years, until the seedlings take root, get stronger and grow.